I grew up in a ceramics business, worked through college at

several screen-printing companies, and (immediately upon graduation) settled into a publishing company as their sole graphic artist/production coordinator for their 4 nationally-published trade magazines. After having 12 fun-filled years with them, the company decided to move their offices to another state. So in 2008, I started my own business, The Mom-N-Pop Shop, focusing on the needs of small businesses. If you don't have the resources, time, or knowledge to brand your vision, I can help.

I love the little guys because I am one. Let me show you how looking professional doesn't mean that you have to break the bank.

I have worked in the art & design field for my entire lifetime.

Brenna Blymyer  :  419.680.9195  :  brenna@themomnpopshop.com

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